ballet slippers essie queen

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ballet slippers essie queen

Peralta Hacienda Historic Park, 2465 34th Ave.: The Victorian frame house, built in 1870, stands on land settled by the Luis Maria Peralta family more than two centuries ago when California belonged to Spain, and later Mexico. Peralta was one of the Alta California families given massive land grants for their military service by the Spanish crown, which needed settlers in order to protect its claim on the rich but sparsely settled territory. The Peralta land, called the Peraltas Rancho San Antonio, measured 44,800 acres and stretched from present-day Albany to the northern part of San Leandro and now includes seven East Bay cities.

His appointment, which was announced Feb, 21, requires state Senate confirmation and there is no compensation, Munoz ballet slippers essie queen is a Republican, according to the governor’s office, The forms can be picked up near the self-checkout machines, and reproducible forms are available in both copier alcoves, Tax forms are also available to print on-line from home at www.irs.gov, While the library staff can assist people in finding the forms, they are not tax advisers and cannot tell you what forms you need to use..

On Saturday, at least, Liccardo echoed that theme. The event was called “The State of the City Celebration,” not speech. A parade of awards preceded the mayor — five “Pride of San Jose awards,” and 10 “community honorees” from council districts. When the council members were introduced, they came on like the members of the Kentucky basketball team, high-fiving with the audience. After all this, Liccardo’s delivery of his speech was curiously flat, even though he had built-in applause lines like his pledge to seek funding for the Alum Rock BART station. (With his voice strained, the mayor had gone to the doctor early in the week.).

“Wicked,” of course, is the story of what happened before Dorothy and Toto touched down in Oz, Based on Gregory Maguire’s best-selling novel, Holzman’s clever book joins ballet slippers essie queen with Schwartz’s music and lyrics to focus on the relationship of the two witches — the Wicked Witch of the West, here called Elphaba, and Glinda the Good, The musical begins when they’re both young girls, and follows them as they become college roommates, then best friends, rivals, and sworn enemies..

Voices in Harmony: The men’s chorus is seeking new members. Tuesdays, 7:30 p.m. Comunidad Cristiana, 1748 Junction Ave., San Jose. vihchorus.org. T.O.P.S. Meeting: Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a support group for weight loss. Thursdays. 9:30-11 a.m. The Church of God, 937 Minnesota Ave., San Jose. Contact Daniel Kionka, 408-486-2357, or Katy Haselden, 408-335-3110. Sons in Retirement: Retired men’s luncheon club features fellowship and guest speakers. Meets the third Tuesday of the month. Elks Lodge, 444 Alma St., San Jose. For more information, contact Rich Peterson at Rick69bird@sbcglobal.net.