corgi iphone case

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corgi iphone case

corgi iphone case

"We developed (Shield) as a platform to nurture and grow the Android gaming market," Huang told CNET on Thursday. "To bring great games to Android will take multiple years. It's a long-term endeavor for us."As Nvidia sees it, more sophisticated-looking games on Android will drive the need for more powerful processors, which is where the company's Tegra 4 chip comes in. Huang declined to comment on how well Shield has sold, only noting that the company has "modest expectations after a modest investment."The company's Tegra business, where a bulk of growth is supposed to come from, dropped more than 54 percent to $243.9 million in the third quarter as the company pushed back shipments of its Tegra 4 chip. But Huang said he believes the business is on an upswing, pointing to the 111 percent gain over the second quarter. He projected another period of sequential growth in the fourth quarter.

Nvidia earlier on Thursday reported a third-quarter profit of $118.7 million, or 20 cents a share, down 37 percent from a year ago, corgi iphone case Its revenue also fell 12.5 percent to just over $1 billion, Its results, however, managed to top Wall Street expectations, While Huang touted the broad base of potential customers for Tegra, he conceded that Nvidia would have a smaller presence in high-profile phones found in the US, He said most of the opportunity comes from overseas phones, and noted that the Tegra 4 is powering the flagship phone in China..

Visit manufacturer site for details. Lenovo added two tablets to its convertible Yoga line in fall 2013 with the Yoga Tablet 8 and Yoga Tablet 10. Though they're aesthetically unique, with a design that features a rounded spine and kickstand, their identical internal specs, mediocre screens, and heavily-modified operating systems prove less than exciting. The tablets get their Yoga names thanks to a kickstand on the back of each device, which props them up on a flat surface to give you a variety of viewing angles. They don’t, however, transform as much as other Yoga devices, since neither includes a keyboard.

At $250 for the 8-inch model and $300 for the 10-incher, the Yoga tablets are much cheaper than other tablets on the market, For those prices, the 8-inch is a solid value when you put it up against its competition, Unfortunately, you get what you pay for with the Yoga 10, whose low corgi iphone case price gets you an overall unimpressive tablet that only has long battery life to brag about, Design and featuresA major selling feature of the Yoga 8 is its sturdy and unique design, It looks a lot like an Apple Wireless Keyboard, with its thin body and cylindrical edge on one side..

Officially, it measures 8.4 inches wide by 5.7 inches tall and at it’s thinnest point, it’s just .12 inches deep. It’s also weighs only .8 pounds. It has a silver polycarbonate textured back cover that looks like metal and feels smooth. The tablet’s rounded edge (.30 inches), which I am calling the spine, houses the tablet’s battery and other components, allowing it to have a slim design everywhere else. It also changes the Yoga’s center of gravity, and makes it remarkably comfortable to hold. When I held the tablet by the spine, to read a book or Web site, it fit nicely in my hands.