crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear

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crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear

crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear

crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear

With a solid rectangular shape and flattened edges, the Z1 is easy enough to hold firmly for photography purposes, whether your orientation of choice is portrait or landscape. The only ergonomics issue to be aware of is the lens, which can be covered accidentally if you use several fingers to grip the top edge. Taking a photo is as simple as pressing the on-screen icon. Alternatively, the physical camera button on the side panel can be used as the shutter release when holding the camera in landscape orientation.

Anyone who has used a Sony camera before will feel immediately at home with the Z1, The camera app interface shares many elements with the company's stand-alone photo range, including the same naming conventions and icons, The consistency is particularly nice because it feels like the Z1 is an extension of Sony's photography world rather than a separate device designed by another division, Most users won't feel the need to move beyond the superior automatic mode, denoted with the gold icon at the bottom of the screen, This takes care of all the exposure options for you and offers only a few selections from the settings screen, including output resolution size, For the record, by default, crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear the camera is set to produce 8-megapixel images rather than the full 20 megapixels — make sure to change this if you want the maximum resolution the sensor can deliver..

Touch the intelligent auto icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to bring up the other photographic options that the Z1 offers. Included here are manual, timeshift burst, picture effect, sweep panorama, AR effect, social life and info-eye. We will touch on each of these options later on. Although the Z1 calls its other shooting mode "manual", it does not provide the level of control you might anticipate from a traditional camera. There is, however, a nifty slider that lets you adjust exposure compensation and the white balance on the fly. Results are immediately visible on the screen. From within the settings menu, changes to the ISO, metering and focus selection options can be made. The digital image stabiliser can also be found here — yes, that's right, digital stabiliser, not optical, like on phones such as the Nokia Lumia 1020.

There is no manual focus override for the Z1; however, you can achieve more precise results with the touch-focus option, crystal ultra-thin iphone 8 gel case - 100% clear also found within the settings menu, Apart from launching the camera app from the menu system in a conventional way, the Z1 also lets you swipe directly into the camera app from the lock screen, With this method, the start-up time is 2.6 seconds, Shutter lag is approximately 0.4 second in good light, Other shooting options that are carried across from the Sony range of cameras include features like sweep panorama, which intelligently stitches together photos taken as you move the camera along an axis, Smile shutter does exactly what it says on the tin, snapping images when it sees a smile enter the frame, Info-eye is an augmented-reality feature that overlays the image on the screen with information about surroundings..

Picture effect brings nine filters for creative results, including nostalgic, miniature, vivid, fish-eye and kaleidoscope. Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of Instagram or other such photo apps will have an idea of what each of these effects can achieve. Photographers have long been aware of the benefits that high dynamic-range (HDR) imaging can bring, including the ability to preserve more detail in shadow and highlight areas when in a tricky lighting condition. The Z1 boasts both HDR still and video capture, which is a very pleasant surprise. HDR photos can only be captured in the 8-megapixel resolution or lower, not the camera's full 20-megapixel output. Fortunately, the Z1 lets you take HDR video in 1080p mode.