floral and birds xiv iphone case

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floral and birds xiv iphone case

floral and birds xiv iphone case

"Technology enables, but design establishes," said Robert Brunner, a former director of industrial designer at Apple and the founder of the design firm Ammunition. "It's always about the thing and what it does."People are less obsessed with processor speeds and pixels, and more interested in the overall look and feel of digital devices, says a design expert at GigaOm's Roadmap conference. SAN FRANCISCO -- In the old days of computing, with the exception of Apple in the Steve Jobs eras, design was mostly an afterthought. Computers were sold on the merits of their speeds, feeds, and cost. Like the first automobiles, you could have your choice of colors as long as they were black or white, or beige. Those days are long gone, and the underlying technology is fading into the background as digital gear enters the realm of fashion.

The iOS app is $3.99 and works in conjunction with a free Mac counterpart, It only works on select computers: MacBook Airs and 2011 Mac Minis or newer; MacBook Pros and 2012 iMacs or newer; and Mac Pros from this year only, For the app to work (which it does with moderate regularity in my limited experience), your iPhone must have the app running in the background at all times, However, the phone does not need to be unlocked to register the knocking, "We both locked our computers because our employers made us, but we did just about everything we could to avoid typing our password," co-founder William Henderson says on the Knock Web site, Henderson is a former Square employee who worked on the payment company's mobile-wallet product, "If you create an unusable system, people will simply work around you, Right now security is annoying, so people are walking around with their data totally unprotected, We want floral and birds xiv iphone case to change that," he adds..

So Henderson teamed with Jon Schlossberg, a former user experience designer at e-commerce company Bonobos, to found Knock and bring the same kind of smooth functionality Square Wallet employs to the act of password unlocking. To showcase both the power and humor behind hitting one's expensive piece of glass to bypass a password, Knock released this promotional video. A new iOS app, Knock, uses Bluetooth low energy technology to let you skip over the password process on a Mac and simply tap the back of your iPhone.

Put that novel password "12345" aside for a moment, The founders of Knock -- an iOS app that launched Tuesday -- want to make getting into your computer as easy as rapping your knuckles through the pocket of your jeans, And that's exactly what their service allows, Using Bluetooth low energy technology to let iPhones floral and birds xiv iphone case communicate with their Mac brethren when in proximity to one another, the Knock app turns two steady knocks on the front or back of your phone into a secure unlocking tool to let users bypass the Mac password screen..

Users of Android 4.2 and 4.3 know that lock screen widgets were enabled by default on any compatible device. The option to have lock screen widgets was there whether you wanted them or not; that's not the case with KitKat. When you first go to access or add a lock screen widget on KitKat you'll notice you can no longer swipe to the left. You can still activate the camera by swiping to the right, however. In order to add lock screen widgets to your device you'll need to enable the feature. One would assume the setting to enable them would be found in the Display settings, but one would be wrong. Instead, you'll need to launch the Settings app on your device, select Security and look for the "Enable Widgets" option. Notice there's no indication these widgets will be found on your lock screen, but alas that's exactly what this setting is for.