mondrian iphone case

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mondrian iphone case

mondrian iphone case

Before I get started, I want to mention that you can get the Nexus 5 from carriers, in addition to the Play Store. Sprint and T-Mobile will carry it, with the former selling it for $149.99 on contract (however, with deals and rebates, the price can be found closer to just $50). The device will work on AT&T's network as well, though AT&T will not sell it in stores. Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless users will be left out of the Nexus party. Let's get physical Once again, Google's latest Nexus retains a familiar minimalistic aesthetic. However, with its straighter edges and sharper curves, it looks more stately and austere than its predecessor. For instance, instead of the display sloping downward at its sides (as if melting right off) like before, it cuts off sharply at the edges.

The device measures 5.43 inches tall and 2.72 inches wide, It's thinner and lighter than the prior model, at 0.34 inches thick and 4.59 ounces, Comfortable to hold, the Nexus 5 feels sturdy and dense in the hand, When it's facing up from a table, its curved back makes it easier to grab off the surface, like the HTC One, With its straighter edges and mondrian iphone case sharper corners, the Nexus 5 dons a more austere look, On the left is a narrow volume rocker and up top is a 3.5mm headphone jack, The right edge houses a sleep/power button and the SIM card slot, The physical control keys are made out of ceramic, and unlike the previous model, they don't have soft, rounded edges, As small as they are, they feel sharp when you press them, This isn't a huge issue, but it was one of the first things I noticed, At the bottom edge, you'll find a Micro-USB port flanked by two audio speakers..

Similarly to the Nexus 7 tablet, the handset displays a simple vertically lined Nexus logo, and a subtle LG logo on the back. Subdued and restrained, the Nexus 5 has done away with the lustrous, tile-patterned back that we saw previously, and replaced it with a matte material. The change is no head-turner, and the black version acquires a surprising amount of fingerprints. But I'm still partial to this back side from a practical standpoint. As stylish as the Nexus 4 was, its rear glass panel was too fragile; in fact, two of our own review units cracked quite easily.

Lean, mean screen machine? Sporting the biggest screen yet in relation to past Nexuses, the phone has a 4.95-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, Keeping up with its competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, the Nexus 5's touch screen has a 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution and 445ppi, On paper, those numbers should (and don't get me wrong, they do) make the screen look great, But when you start mondrian iphone case comparing the Nexus 5 side by side with other flagships, things do get interesting, In a room with all the lights turned off, I lined up the device alongside the Galaxy GS4, HTC One, and Apple iPhone 5S, With their displays on maximum brightness, I viewed the same swatch of white on each of their screens, Despite its small size, the iPhone 5S was the purest and brightest, with the One coming in at a close second, The Nexus 5, however, looked a little hazier in comparison, Meanwhile, the white swatch on the GS4 appeared strikingly blue, as is expected with AMOLED screens..

On the other hand, the GS4 won by miles in the black swatch test. Its screen had the deepest and darkest shade (or "none more black," as Nigel Tufnel would say), followed by the iPhone and Nexus, which both looked paler. The One lost this round, with an almost subtly purple shade of black. The device sports 4.95 inches of LCD glory, but how does it stack up against the competition?. As for overall color quality in images and video, that depends on your preference. You may like the vibrant saturation and high contrast of the GS4's hues, but if you're a stickler for accuracy, the One and the iPhone are top-notch. The Nexus also displayed colors that were true to life, but not as vividly as the others. In addition, when studying the handsets from different vantage points, I noticed that the Nexus' display looked as if it had a gray glaze on top of it, which made it appear paler than the others.