moraine lake banff national park iphone case

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moraine lake banff national park iphone case

moraine lake banff national park iphone case

Does BlackBerry have a future? Can RIM reverse the BlackBerry decline? What should Thor Heins' first move be? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page. BlackBerry bosses Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have stepped down from leadership of Research in Motion. BlackBerry bosses Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis are out in a shake-up to revitalise the ailing brand. The two chiefs of Research in Motion, the Canadian outfit that makes BlackBerry smart phones, are making way for a new head honcho after a tough year for the company.

Getting rid of the two-CEO structure should free the company up to make more nimble moves, Hopefully, this means the start of a leaner and meaner company, particularly as the top, But upon further review, this shakeup may not be adequate, Heins is a RIM insider, He was a part of the company's recent struggles, Rather than provide a breath of air, Heins seemingly brings the same old RIM vibe, And that's not a good thing, If RIM was going to go through the trouble of this radical transformation, why not go big? RIM needed something drastic, moraine lake banff national park iphone case and this isn't it..

Still, as a new CEO, Heins will get a bit of leeway, and I'll reserve ultimate judgment until he sets his own strategy--if he has one. The problem is, time is of the essence for RIM. As I said before, RIM's financial shape isn't bad. The company generates a ton of revenue and still has an established position in several markets. But a lot of these advantages are starting to fade. RIM's revenue growth is slowing, and the trajectory is seemingly doomed to keep falling. Most of its market share strength comes from countries where the BlackBerrys are lower end devices that aren't as profitable as thehigher products.

In the meantime, RIM's next-generation BlackBerry phones aren't coming until the second half, a delay that is unacceptable given the frenetic pace of new devices from the competition, Here's one strategy shift that would win Heins some points: accelerate the product schedule, The moraine lake banff national park iphone case company is trying to convince developers that the BlackBerry platform is worth investing in at a time when most of the attention is going to iOS and Android, But with the PlayBook tablet the only device out there using RIM's new platform, that interest has been modest..

Getting developers interested in the BlackBerry platform will be a big part of Heins' job as well. Indeed, Heins will have to do a lot of convincing, making his case to consumers, investors, and developers alike. For RIM's sake, I hope he's a good talker, and even better at execution. commentary The resignations of co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie and appointment of insider Thorsten Heins may not be drastic enough to help the ailing handset maker. commentary This may not have been the change people were looking for at Research In Motion.