mr. fox iphone case

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mr. fox iphone case

mr. fox iphone case

3. Speed up BlackBerry 10. While RIM is putting all its hopes at the moment in the success of BlackBerry 10, the reality is the OS is late. And by the time it comes out in products, it may be far too late. Executives said last month that BlackBerry 10 products won't hit the market until the second half of 2012. The company is waiting for a new dual-core processor chip that supports 4G LTE networks. Clearly, the more advanced technology is a good sign that RIM is looking to stay competitive, but the reality is that Android and Apple won't stand still. And they're likely to have advanced products out by that time.

Even Microsoft may be stronger by the time RIM releases its products, Microsoft, Nokia, and AT&T will be making a big push with the Lumia 900 this spring, So RIM needs to get something out the door fast, 4, Dump BlackBerry 10 and adopt Android, 5, Streamline the product line, 6, Kiss carriers' butts, Even though RIM has had great relationships with these carriers in the past, operators only have so much money to spend on marketing and educating sales staff to sell certain phones, Verizon Wireless is firmly committed to Android and now the iPhone, AT&T, which once was the exclusive U.S, carrier for the iPhone, is also now selling Android, And through a partnership with Nokia and Microsoft, the carrier is also gearing up for a big Windows Phone push this mr. fox iphone case spring..

Meanwhile, Sprint Nextel, the No. 3 U.S. carrier, has bet big on the iPhone and has a strong Android portfolio. T-Mobile USA may still be interested in BlackBerry devices, but T-Mobile alone won't be enough to get RIM back in the game. Heins need to do some serious butt kissing and find away to get into carriers' good graces once again. 7. Shop the company around. Samsung was rumored to be interested in the company. But recently it denied wanting anything to do with RIM. And HTC has also been named a potential buyer. There could be other possible bidders out there, and Heins needs to start beating the bushes to see who's interested.

8, License BlackBerry technology to other companies, The company's network architecture was criticized recently following a major worldwide outage of its services, But this set-up, which funnels all messaging traffic through RIM's network operations centers throughout the world, also allowed RIM to build one of the most secure messaging platforms around, And other handset makers could leverage elements of this technology to mr. fox iphone case give their own devices an edge, While there could be a lot of opportunity here, it's unclear how RIM plans to leverage its own service business in the future, RIM may be moving away from this centralized architecture with the next version of its software, According to the enthusiast site CrackBerry.com, RIM demonstrated at CES that its Playbook 2.0, which uses the same basic software elements as the upcoming BlackBerry 10 software, will use Microsoft's ActiveSync for e-mail, This shift means that RIM's future products may not use its network-based architecture for sending email, RIM gets a few bucks per subscriber for providing this service, But if that goes away, RIM may lose a source of high-margin income, CrackBerry said..

Still, RIM has a treasure trove of patents. And investors have been pushing the company to sell some of these patents. Mobile patents are valuable. Last year, Google agreed to pay $12.5 bilion for Motorola Mobility in a deal that was mostly about acquiring Motorola's patents. But even if the new CEO isn't ready to sell off the company's intellectual property, he could find ways to extract more value from these patents either by licensing technology to other companies or going to court to actively enforce these patents.