no bad days viii iphone case

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no bad days viii iphone case

no bad days viii iphone case

In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, one lucky Nexus user posted several hands-on photos and apparently revealed a cool new feature. According to Reddit user 'throwawaynexus5guy' the Nexus 5 has a cloud backup solution, baked into Android 4.4 KitKat, that saves all your app data -- including saved games and settings -- to Google's servers, presumably as long as the app is compatible. He claims to have been offered an extra 100GB of Google Drive space too. The pic above is courtesy of French site Frandroid, which says it was posted on Google+ by a phone shop worker who quickly removed it.

Meanwhile a German site, AndroidNext.de, claims to have seen a Swiss retailer site offering Nexus 5 preorders from 8pm tonight (7pm UK time), That could simply be because it knows the phone is being announced this afternoon and it'll be able to estimate its price then, but fingers crossed preorders will be open on Google Play tonight too, Earlier yesterday, apparent benchmark results for the Nexus 5 appeared no bad days viii iphone case on rightware.com, in which the new phone supposedly surpasses its LG stablemate the G2, Using cross-platform test Benchmark X, the Nexus 5 supposedly scored better than any other Android phone in the gaming-specific graphics test..

Finally, London-based Android fan Yusuf Islam posted a pic on Google+, which went viral. It's of the new phone in the hands of "My mate being a complete plum lol". He credits his unnamed buddy with getting hold of the mobile. Are you primed and ready, credit card in hand for the official Nexus 5 launch? Or are you taking all of this with a pinch of salt? Let me know what you think down in the comments, or on our totally legit Facebook page. An explosion of Nexus 5 leaks has detonated on the Internet, with devices apparently reaching the hands of European Android fans.

The various sites go on to collectively confirm an always-on microphone for touchless voice control, a feature that's also on the Motorola Moto X, and a backup solution similar to Apple's iCloud, Physically, no bad days viii iphone case the device looks similar to the LG G2, with rounded corners and a black backing, but with Nexus branding on the back and none of the G2's back-panel controls for volume and power, It isn't clear what the camera specs are, but the photos do show an enlarged module on the upper left of the back panel, with what looks like an LED flash just below..

Reddit user bckbck/throwawaynexus5guy says that the Nexus 5 will have 17 hours of talk time, 8 hours of Web surfing, and 6 hours of video playback. I'd hold out for the official specs, though. The price is expected to come in at around $349 for the unlocked device, which is rumored to go on sale November 1 through carriers and through Google's Play store in both black and white. Google's Nexus devices run the stock version of the operating system, which Google just renamed from Key Lime Pie to KitKat. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for official news from Google, which we can anticipate any moment now.