pink coral tan black floral illustration pattern iphone case

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pink coral tan black floral illustration pattern iphone case

pink coral tan black floral illustration pattern iphone case

You're really saving money by getting a physically smaller display with higher pixel density. Is your eyesight bad? Do you appreciate perfect color accuracy? Get the iPad Air. But I made the switch to using an iPad Mini last year over the fourth-gen iPad despite a drop in performance and screen quality. The gap is now nearly invisible, and so the Retina Mini remains my personal pick. Productivity? Lean to Air..but the Mini can get things done, tooI've been able to get a lot of work done on the iPad Mini, both Retina and non-Retina models. It's not as ideal for every task, but it works. If you're a hardcore write-on-an-iPad person, the Air's physically larger size and virtual keyboard might make more sense. But you can do everything else fine on a Mini. It's just more compact. For me, that e-reader-plus-extra feel of the Mini make it a perfect companion.

Saving $100: Does that sound good to you? Go MiniThe Retina Mini offers a very similar product, for $100 less at the same storage configurations, Saving $100 on a Mini means you can get pink coral tan black floral illustration pattern iphone case a 32GB Retina Mini for $499, or get the 16GB LTE version for $30 more than a Wi-Fi Air, Or, savings can go toward a keyboard case or other accessory, Or, you just save $100, Do you use a keyboard case? Go AirThe iPad Mini keyboard accessories I've used just don't feel comfortable: they compress and remove keys to fit the dimensions of the Mini, You could always prop the Mini up and use a full-size Bluetooth keyboard, but it'll feel a little more clunky..

The iPad Air enjoys much better keyboard accessories, much like previous "large" iPads: the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case, Logitech Fabricskin Keyboard Folio and Ultrathin Keyboard Cover are all very good, and I've been alternating between them -- stay tuned for full reviews. Already, I can tell that the iPad Air is better for those who are using an iPad as a true writing tool. If you're a big keyboard typer, get the Air. Is bigger better?My advice is get thee to an Apple Store and just look at the size of the Mini and 9.7-inch iPad screens. See if that 7.9-inch screen works for you. You don't need to see the Retina version to understand if the display feels too small for your everyday needs.

I like smaller travel tech: I gravitate toward the Mini, especially since it seems to have no compromises, Some people prefer the 11-inch MacBook Air to the 13-inch, I think it's a similar analogy here: it depends on how small pink coral tan black floral illustration pattern iphone case you want your bag to be, Retina Mini and Air: Two different-sized peas in the same podIt seems like the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display have nearly identical specs, Both have A7 processors, Both have the same-resolution Retina Display, Both start with 16GB of storage, Both have 5MP rear cameras and improved front-facing cameras, Both have, according to Apple, up to 10 hours of promised battery life (but we exceeded those promises testing both iPads), Neither has Touch ID, They even have the same colors..

There are some differences: the A7 processor on the iPad Air is a little bit faster than the A7 on the Retina Mini. The display quality on the Air's a bit better, too. But essentially, these are the same iPad, in two slightly different sizes: 9.7-inch, and 7.9-inch. Both have 2,048x1,536-pixel resolutions, at 264 versus 326 pixels per inch. For comparison, both top the pixel density of last year's Mini (163). Can you tell the difference between those pixel densities? My guess is no. It will mean some in-app text is inevitably smaller on the Mini.