pink lion iphone case

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pink lion iphone case

pink lion iphone case

AR effect is one of the most fun features we've seen yet on a smartphone camera. With this mode activated, users can choose from a number of different effects to appear over the image on the screen in real time. Calibrate the effect by pointing the camera toward a flat surface and then lift to compose your shot. Magically, dinosaurs, butterflies or disco hair effects appear over images. Move the handset around to see how they change dynamically depending on the content of your shot. Even though it seems like a novelty, it is a lot of fun to play around with. Watch the video above for more of a demonstration on how this effect works.

Timeshift effect is actually a lot more useful than you might first think, Hold the shutter button down to take a burst of thirty frames either side of the button press and then select the best image from a sliding scale, It's particularly useful for action photography, Inspecting images at full resolution shows that the Z1 still has some niggling issues that plague smartphone photography more broadly, Even though the image sensor is physically larger pink lion iphone case than those found on some competing smartphones, the image processor shows some over-zealous correcting, especially on areas where there is lots of detail, Images start to look crunchy, even at low ISO levels..

The lens is reasonably sharp, with some drop off toward the edges as to be expected. It is, however, susceptible to lens flare because there is nothing to shield the lens. Fortunately, this shows up as rather pleasing light streaks rather than purple halos or other unwanted renditions. To Sony's credit, the Z1's photos look amazing on the 5-inch Full HD screen, and to be fair, this is where most users will be viewing and sharing photos anyway. Unless you need the extra resolution for cropping or printing purposes, it is best to use the camera's 8-megapixel output. It also makes sense because some of the camera's best features (like HDR and scene modes) are only available when you shoot at the lower res.

An example of the over-processing produced on images from the Z1, seen best through the 100 per cent crop (inset), Click the photo for the full-resolution version, (Credit: CBSi), Chromatic aberration was not particularly noticeable on any of our test shots — a welcome change from the results many other smartphones deliver, In low light, you do need to hold the Z1 as still as possible because there is only so much that the digital image stabilisation can compensate for, Also, we found that automatic white balance on low-light and night shots was a bit too yellow to be accurate — best pink lion iphone case results are obtained when changing the white balance for the ambient light conditions..

Thanks to the Z1's water-resistant construction, you can splash about with the handset in the pool or at the beach. In superior automatic mode, underwater photos look great. Colours are accurate, and the image is reasonably sharp as well. Naturally, using the touchscreen underwater is nigh on impossible, so you do need to take photos using the physical shutter release. The screen also needs a good wipe and dry when it arrives back on land to get it to register touches again. Video quality is decent for a smartphone, although the exposure can be a little uneven in bright lighting situations. Movement is rendered well, while the lens produces a reasonably sharp image for most purposes. In high-wind areas, there is wind noise present on recordings — unfortunately, there's no wind-cut option in the menu system.