Modulo Concept

AOI Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating inspection



Product  Description

The automatic inspection by modusAOI ensures a quick and complete examination of all coated assemblies.

The combination of multi-colored LED lighting, UV-LED lighting with the color line scan camera enables clear Laquer Inspection. The full-scan imaging of the PCB will ensure proper detection of faults.


  • Stencil Tester
  • SPI (Solder Past Inspection 2D)
  • Chip Control
  • Terminal Inspection (TI) (dizzy/toggle circle)
  • THT (Through Hole Solder Inspection)
  • Post Reflow (Chip Control & Solder Inspection)
  • Conformal Coating (UV light inspection)
  • Laser Welding

Process Optimization

Utilising AOI for conformal coating not only detects faults like missing areas and splash contamination but also helps with process control. Initial coating programs can be checked and fine-tuned to create uniform coating patterns with an even thickness.

Existing processes can be monitored for changes during the production run. A blocked nozzle or a material change can easily be spotted.

Quality through process control

  • Painting zone (area)
  • Paint splashes to 100 µm (fully covered)
  • Identification of DMC / barcode on the review page without additional Reader
  • High-resolution color scanner
  • Multi-color LED lighting
  • 24Bit Color, 14.040 x 20.400 Pixel per Scan
  • Board size: max. 420mm x 550mm
  • High speed: 25mm/Second
  • Entire surface in parallax view
  • Display the error position and representation of error and comparison image
  • Software (GUI) identical in the test system and repair stations
  • Fault is assigned by pressing a button statistics
  • Easy to use and train
  • Traceability by evaluating barcode / 2D code / RFID
  • Cost savings because of quick process optimization
  • Intuitive inspection plan
  • Graphical interface
  • Powerful and flexible vision test algorithms

General Features

POWER SUPPLY: 230V 50Hz 1Ph+N+G; 4 A
TOTAL EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 1200 x 1071 x 1373mm (L x W x H)
SMEMA: compatible


  • MLD1200: fixed optical system, only mirrors and illumination are moving, almost no wear.
  • iScan420T: fixed optical system incl. mirror and illumination, no wear at all.
  • Low maintenance
  • MTBF = 1,300,000 Scans
  • One-Pass-Scan: complete test of the board in one pass scan.

Timing depend on borad size between 6 and 25 sec. Latest computer technology will be used for reliable inspection performance.


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*** All modules are ESD compliant and CE marked, each module has an independent control system.