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Our Vision

SEICA AUTOMATION was founded to fulfill customer needs of handling systems for the electronic production.
The company can supply every kind of automation systems to complete production lines, from the easiest to the most elaborate ones.

Thanks to its engineering department, which uses the most advances tools for development and 3D design, SEICA AUTOMATION can offer high quality standards, fast conceiving times and a wide customization of the modules.
The internal production department assures the possibility to put on trial every single machine in its entire working cycle; systems development and later upgrades can be also available.

People with more of 20 years of experience in board handling gives Seica Automation team the necessary know-how to find always the most efficient solution and to solve any production issue.
SEICA AUTOMATION manufactures loaders, unloaders, conveyors, buffers, shuttles, and has a wide range of standard handling systems as well as an infinite number of other customized solutions.

Latest news

Ringraziamenti Fiera Productronica 2023

Ringraziamo tutte le persone che sono venute a visitare il nostro stand e che ci hanno dedicato del tempo per condividere insieme nuovi progetti. La fiera ha rappresentato per Seica Automation un momento di grande successo, che abbiamo condiviso con i nostri  partner e clienti, riscontrando degli ottimi risultati.


and services

Our full line of equipment and option is actually fitting every demand of our customers. We bring solution to every need at a very resonable cost.
Seica Automation manufactures loader/unloaders, conveyors, buffers, shuttles, and has a wide range of standard handling systems as well as an infinite number of other customized solutions.

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Research is a strategic activity in any high-tech company, and is absolutely essential in building solid foundations for future success. Seica Automation invests considerable resources, both financial and human, to foster innovation.
From our Italian network we are able to offer fast and reliable national service, including 24-hour emergency call out. We pride ourselves on our professional, friendly approach and long term commitment and alliance to our customers. Whether your need is for a service agreement, a new module, or repair work to an existing board handling, we have the knowledge and experience you can rely on.
At Seica Automation we have been meeting the most exacting design requirements and exceeding expectations for over 20 years. That’s why companies in need of high quality custom-machined components depend on us to produce the right parts machined to the right tolerances, and delivered on time.
It’s a build-to-order manufacturing environment and that means frequent changeovers in your production line. And each time you make changes to produce a new item, you suffer significant downtime. We supply solution to reduce the change over cost and production bottle neck

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