Modulo Concept

Label Applicator

Single Head / Double Head




Product  Description

The LABEL module is designed to print and apply a large variety of labels on bare PCB’s or on top of components of assembled PCBs.

The position and content (text, number, etc…) of the labels is easily programmable via windows based software.

The system uses a brushless motor to apply labels in the desired position and angle.


  • The system can print and apply a label on a PCB or components.
  • Recipe can  program positions and text for labels.
  • Cartesian robot will take the label and put on PCB.
  • Optional Barcode or Camera can be applied to Printer or placing Head.
  • Multiple allocation can be permitted.
  • Software interface for CAB / BRADY label printer (Codesoft™) included.
  • FIS not included (Factory Interface Software).

Touch Screen PC Front Side

Label Functional Description

  • Label Printer and Placer.
  • Label Placement rotation 0°-180°
  • Transport direction left to right
  • Tower light display for machine status
  • User push button START STOP RESET
  • External Flat monitor and Keyboard
  • SMEMA interface
  • Oparating area 500×400 mm
  • Operating System Windows 7
  • Barcode reader (Correct Printing)
  • Camera inspection /correct printing,  placing offset, quality check ISO (6 position)
  • Picking nozzle
  • Link to Traceability SOFTWARE
  • ESD Transparent Covers: available as option
  • Tower signal
  • Acoustic Alarm
  • Internal lighting: system with on/off switch



*     All pictures are only indicative, may show options not included in standard module
**  Technical specification may change without any advanced notice.
*** All modules are ESD compliant and CE marked, each module has an independent control system.

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